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5 Most Influential Plantets in Your Natal Chart

Your moods and habits, your reaction to specific issues in your day-to-day life and even the smallest things that happen to you are not simply by chance or arbitrary. All of these things are influenced by the planets. As a matter of fact, the planets tremendously interfere the course your life; they shape your personality and your emotions. Here are the most influential planets in your natal chart:


The Sun symbolizes light, energy and spiritual center. Hence, it defines the character and the basic sides of the personality. It represents the personal identity and the ego. The Sun expresses the inner self, the consciousness and the basic drive. Though being a start not a planet it is considered to be the most influential astral body in your natal chart. It takes the Sun one year to complete its cycle through the Zodiac signs and it rules over the Zodiac sign Leo.


The Moon is the symbol of feelings, imagination, intuition, creativity, and psychic awareness. It is responsible for the emotional development and reaction or response. It represents the emotional side of the individual and defines their moods. It takes the Moon 30 days to complete its cycle and it rules over the Zodiac sign Cancer.


Venus serves as a symbol of love, attraction and beauty. It represents romance, sensuality and affection. Venus is responsible for your love life. It influences your taste in everything; the kind of people you are attracted to, the sense of beauty you see in certain things, the way you feel about the things you love. This is the planet of desire, pleasure and eroticism. Venus rules your senses and frames your style. Venus takes about 227 days to complete its cycle and it is the ruler of the Zodiac signs Libra and Taurus.


Mars represents energy, strength and determination. It controls the drive of people and calls to action. It makes people motivated and ready to take action in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Mars provides people with the strong will so they do not give up on their dreams. This planet gives the power to defy all the challenges and overcome all the obstacles because it makes the objective clear and gives the compulsive urge to fulfill it. Mars rules over the Zodiac sign Aries and its cycle is of approximately two years.


What Jupiter symbolizes is growth, luck and wisdom. It represents the spiritual side and knowledge of the person. This planet makes people think reasonably and able to make sound and right decisions. Jupiter is the symbol of positivity and hope. It is the great beneficial of the natal chart. Auspicious aspects of Jupiter bring opportunities and luck in just about any area of life. Jupiter takes twelve years to complete its cycle and it rules over the Zodiac sign Sagittarius.

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