Throughout my 30 years of experience I have helped thousands of people to change their life for the better by guiding them and answering their questions. Here are some testimonials from my satisfied clients all over the world. These are just several examples of what you can expect from me and the astrological readings I provide.

Nathalie, USA
I was very impressed by the accuracy of your reading, numerological and astrological analyses were both very precise and you were 100% on spot with the dates and timing. I appreciated how sincere you were in the presentation and all the information was truly confirmed, which definitely proves your psychic abilities. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a genuine guide for me and helping throughout all these years!

Laura & Marc, Californie
Dear Mary, how your insight works? We do not know, but they really do! Last year it was like a miracle after reading all your astrology and your advice helped a lot. Thanks to you we found each other and we live now in a better world full of love and understanding.

Christine, Netherlands
I first received a consultation from Mary in 2008 and then once again just several months ago. I was skeptical about astrology and this kind of stuff but to my astonishment both times point by point things happened exactly as was predicted by her. I do not believe in such coincidences, thank you Mary, I would definitely continue to use your services in the future.

Francis, Irland
Mary helped me to find the right path in my career, which had been a huge issue for the whole of my life. After receiving the report from her I found confidence in my strength and the ability to move forward, and finally I was able to do so! I am still going back to my reading, which is very insightful and useful in everyday life.

Carole, New Zealand
I would like to say that you were amazingly accurate with your predictions, and things have started to improve for me all-round after several difficult years. I got a completely new perspective in life. I found a new job and my financial situation has improved a lot with you on my side helping to overcome my personal problems and difficulties.

Veronique & Claire, England
We were very much impressed by the work you did for us. You analyzed everything so clearly and one would never have double mind to say you knew what you were doing. You are a real friend to us and although we have never met each other your goodness and sincerity is seen through your every message.

Kim, Singapore
You did a remarkable work. When I first contacted you I was going through a hard time in my life and your guidance and advice showed me how to work things out. Now I am living comfortably, I am with an absolutely amazing man and I have got everything I have ever wanted in my life. I do not know where I would be without your help and I am so thankful to you for guiding me to where I am now! I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you have done and also for your support. I hope you can change the life of a lot of people like you have changed mine and I want to encourage you to do so!

Franck, USA
I have never consulted an astrologer but in some way I was drawn to you. I am so glad now I had this chance to know you and to benefit from your help. You were able to “see” me and to tell me things no one ever could! You analysis made me speechless! Thank you for your valuable guidance.

Dipty, India
I got a reading from Mary a year ago and all her predictions came true, including meeting my current boyfriend. She produced a detailed reading for me and gave exact dates. Everything she told me came true. I am now engaged and continue my training as an accountant. I’m happy!

Mike, Los Angeles
The descriptions of my character and all your predictions were scarily true! I mean in a good way of course. I am still living through the changes you have predicted for me and I feel my life getting better every day. I have met so many people in my life but there are only few who have left their mark on me and you are one of them. Finally thanks to your very insightful and informative reading I understood myself and why some things kept repeating in my life and I was able to move forward. Mike, Los Angeles

Patricia & Paul, Australia
Last year you told me certain important dates when a significant lady will come into my life and you were absolutely on spot. We had our first date on one of the dates you gave me and we have been together since that time. Thank you so much from both of us.

Georges, New York
Your character analysis helped me to understand a deep part of my character and get rid of the blockages that were on my way because I was not able to see the truth about myself. You are doing an excellent job and you have completely changed my perception of the world.

Antony, Washington
I am writing to you today to thank you for having guided me to the right path. You were completely on target in what you have shared with me and I find myself constantly going back to the reading you made for me to fine-tune the direction in which I have to move. I deeply respect your knowledge and I appreciate a lot your support.
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