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FOR gemini


Escapism can be accomplished through daydreaming now and avoid playing the role of savior for someone else or being used by others. In health matters you may notice a decrease in willpower and a possible need for drugs or alcohol to escape reality or a lack of will to go on.

You can be victimized very easily now and the rude awakening occurs that people are only human, undermining your faith in people. Expectations based on visions alone will fail the test and you might find yourself asking "So what is the difference between fact and rumors?"

Make sure windows and doors are locked tight to prevent uninvited guests and thieves from entering your home! This is a low energy physical cycle for you so watch your diet and eat more natural foods.

Let the buyer beware now, or suffer the consequences as the potential for misunderstandings and deceptions is very high. The main objective now is NOT TO BE TAKEN! Huge scandals are possible and wishful thinking should be avoided. Surrendering to others could have devastating effects, and deceptions and lies can occur when dealing with others. Your mind has the clarity of FOG and IDEAS that are agreed to now will CHANGE after the transit passes. Leave advice to the people who are professionals and do not offer it even if you are asked.

I know it is difficult to believe but people may lie to you now or deceive you for their own gain, but now is the time to believe it before it is too late. Try to avoid escapism through sexual outlets, drugs (adverse effects), alcohol (adverse effects) and gambling which can leave you broke. Love affairs entered into now are UNREALISTIC, but you will find that out for yourself AFTER the transit ends, not before.

Self deception and the misuse of drugs and alcohol can take place now, or there may be a secret love affair that pops up at this time. Get rich schemes must not be attempted now as they have a good chance of failing and there may be some gas, oil or water spills, leaks that will have to be dealt with.

Lies can be told to you, or you can be led on by others for their own purpose. Pregnancies can arise that are unwanted, and judgments made now will be unwise. This transit is unfavorable for the use of any kind of drugs or alcohol as they may have adverse effects on your body whether prescription or not. Romance and gambling should be left for another time as well.

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