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Be careful, you may have an overwhelming desire to retaliate against an injustice now, or suffer aggravation over the foolish waste that people don't think about. You can subconsciously provoke arguments with others for the pure fun or it, or use profanity to make a point.

It can seem that the whole world is ganging up on you now, or you may feel that you are the victim of a cruel joke as all of your plans go down the tubes. You may have to resort to sueing someone for injustices that occur now, but the chance of success is none to very slim. It is best to take it on the chin and move on, chalking it up to experience. People can call with complaints on your professional performance, newspaper ads can be rejected for publication and the work that you are doing is challenged. Look to the exact time that this transit takes place for the greatest emphasis, ESPECIALLY in retrograde!

Community property interests can be upsetting and business failures can occur now affecting many people. Circumstances will come to you that is beyond your control now and this is not the time to discipline the kids or have a fight with your spouse as things can get way out of hand.

Maintain patience at all costs, because Mars loves to agitate. Hi energy is yours, do something productive with it. There will be great opposition to people you confront and challenges to egos can easily erupt at this time. Loose ends can trip you up, so make sure to double check all projects.

Ruthless and underhanded behavior will get you nowhere now, but some total destruction in some form is possible and this may be a necessary evil for positive changes to begin. Serious conflicts between individuals can take place now, just be careful not to be a victim of someone elses ruthlessness. Violent outbursts in your environment is possible, and losses can occur in confrontations with others.

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