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You can be somewhat paranoid about secrets revealed to others or the disclosure of secrets to others now and can find a need to be very cunning and shrewd in your approach to others. You can also be very unforgiving of people who have gone against your wishes and find you have a greater need to control people in your environment now.

Conflicts of interest will be difficult to resolve now and jealousy has reared its ugly head and now you must deal with it! Problems around investments, credit and joint money can easily arise now and learn to control your emotions, they may get out of control. Business will not be doing as well as at other times and compromises will not be easy to come by with this transit. Breakdowns in relationships is a strong possibility as well.

Cutting back on fixed expenses can be difficult at this time and heavy demands will be made on your resources. Extramarital affairs can begin during this transit and intense sexual energy arouses the senses and other pleasure areas. Do not make any permanent commitments at this time and make sure to review all projects carefully and see if you can make them better.

Here is the great tester of relationships. Will you pass the test or find the weak link that needs to be worked on if it is to a durable one. One danger here is to be dominated or dominate others and remember that extramarital sexual relationships can be exciting but like everything else has a high price connected with it.

Sexual desires will be strong and passions can get way out of control and the chances of the being satisfied or accommodated looks very bleak. The emotional temptations will present themselves through encounters or you may find yourself thumbing through your own personal black book, but everyone will be busy, out of town or not interested. It is best to rely on your faithful companion, the cold shower, or video tape of your choice.

There will be a definite lack of consideration with regard to the emotions of others now and resentment sprout from trying to remake people in your own image. Circumstances out of your control can be the means to an end of relationships.

Avoid crash diets now because they just won't work and use some discretion now, as you may have to pay for excitement that you ventured into! There can be sexual incompatibility or jealousy in relationships at this time, and remember not to mix business with romance now. Relatives by marriage may be a pain in the butt and this is probably a good time to remain near home and avoid trouble.

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